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A dot is the most basic design element; when we desire more, we always look for  • • •

Dot dot dot offers basic, minimal design with more (a twist)


Moment of  •  silence  •  meditation  •  appreciation

Our creations are to help you to take a pause in your everyday life and enjoy your surroundings for a brief moment. We believe that fine objects can make a huge difference in life through design. Our design philosophy is to aspire to inspire- we design to earn a smile on your face. 

We are dedicated to bring you our innovative creations through skills and technology. Each and everyone of our products are inspired by the world. Designed and fabricated in Los Angeles, California, we develop our products with advanced technology such as laser cutting, CNC milling and 3D printing. We strive to provide a simple, elegant and sustainable design with meticulously constructed details. 

Dot Dot Dot, LLC is a product design store that endeavors to provide qualitative lifestyle.